Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

. . . D E B A T E . . . N . . . S T R E S S . . .


   Najwa now at UiTM because I'm joining debate.. Actually,I don't know how to debate but I just trying my best.. Next week I will go To Sabah to join Jesselton Debate Open ( JDO ) but I really don't know how to being a good debater actually,...Please, me,..
     I want to learn to speak in front of people and I want to learn how to debate confidently but from whom?? Now,teach me how to speak in English not just writing.. Abang Faris Azri,HELP ME!! Haha,maybe you will laugh at me because last time you had asked me to speaking with you but I refuse to.. Haha,how dumb I am..

     Terence,Paul,Abg B.J,Abg Faris,Abg Rahim,Ah Chong....   HELP ME laaaa,.... !!!!

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